Pensions & Retirement Planning

We all dream of a comfortable, happy and long retirement!  Yet the facts are very clear: state benefits won’t come close to providing the kind of retirement most of us wish for.  It’s vital you take responsibility for planning your future – and it’s never too early to start.


Step 1 – create a retirement fund

For most people this involves regular payments into a pension plan.  Many companies already offer a company pension scheme for their employees – and recent changes in pension regulations mean that all employers will need to do so in the next few years, if they have employees which fulfil certain criteria.

But it may be that your employer’s scheme isn’t the best match for your needs, and you may prefer to set up your own more flexible pension plan.

Our independent pension advisers can help you look at all the facts, so you can make the right decision.  We can also manage your pension plan for you, to make sure it performs to its full potential.


Step 2 – spend your retirement fund

When you retire, your pension plan will provide a pot of money.  As you approach retirement it’s important to consider how you can use that to fund your future.

Many people will buy an annuity, which will give them a regular income stream.  Others opt for an initial lump sum – or a combination of the two.  Some people ease into retirement by reducing their working hours and only drawing some of their pension.

There are plenty of choices, but some have certain binding terms and conditions.  Our expert pension advisers can talk through your options with you in plenty of time.  We can help you make a fully-informed decision… then you can relax and enjoy life!


Long-term residential care funding

If the time comes when you need long-term residential care, it’s important to consider how it will be funded.  It can be costly.  You’ll want to choose your care home based on the type of care and environment that’s right for you – not solely on price.

It’s important to take advice early on, so that you can make decisions about your care with peace of mind, knowing the finances are under control.  Our expert long-term care advisers are here to help you.