Life Insurance, Income Protection, Health Insurance

With so much uncertainty in life, it’s good to know you can protect what matters to you.  For peace of mind financially, whatever the circumstances, our independent insurance advisers can help.

Unlike online insurance search engines, we get to know you personally, and take an overall view of your finances.  That means we can make sure you receive the right level of cover, and that it complements your other financial products.

Because we search the market more widely than online search engines, we can offer you more choice, and very competitive prices too.


Life insurance

  • Life insurance.  This is also known as Term Assurance.  These policies run for a certain period of time, and should you die during the term of the policy it will pay out a lump sum.  If you live until the end of the policy there is no payout.  A life insurance policy is a good way to ensure your dependents can be taken care of, if you are no longer there to provide for them.
  • Whole life insurance.  This type of policy does guarantee a payout, so may be suitable if you want to ensure your funeral expenses are covered, or want to leave an inheritance.  But depending on how long you live, you may pay in more than is paid out.  Premiums are usually payable until the age of 70 or 80, after which time you pay no more, but the cover continues for the rest of your life.


Health insurance

  • Health protection / private medical insurance (PMI).  This covers the cost of private medical treatment, for emergency care or necessary operations.  You can have the peace of mind of medical care when you need it, without having to wait.
  • Critical illness cover.  This is a single payment made on the diagnosis of a critical illness such as cancer, kidney failure, or blindness.  Its purpose is to help you cover the costs associated with a serious diagnosis (such as costs of travelling for treatment, or making changes to your home).


Income protection

  • Accident, sickness and unemployment cover.  This is also called ASU, or Mortgage Payment Protection.  If you are unable to work due to redundancy or illness, this will cover your mortgage and financial commitments for up to a year.
  • Income protection insurance.  Sometimes called Permanent Health Insurance, this is similar to ASU but covers a longer period of time, and a larger proportion of your income.  It’s useful if you are self-employed and are dependent on working to earn.  For employees, it’s useful to supplement any sickness benefits which your employer may provide.


The policy descriptions here are only intended as a quick guide.  Policy terms and conditions vary, and we will always ensure you completely understand the small print of your policy before you commit.

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