Financial Services for Businesses

We help businesses provide a range of benefits for their employees, including:

  • company pensions
  • group life insurance
  • healthcare benefits

We always start by finding out your company’s objectives.  Then our independent advisers search the whole of the market and suggest the financial plans and products that could be suitable for your business and employees.

We can work alongside you to ensure schemes are implemented smoothly.  We can also explain the schemes to your employees, and offer individual consultations if required.

Are you ready for the changes in company pensions?

In the course of the next few years every employer, large or small, will need to provide a pension for any employees which meet certain qualifying criteria.  Even if the business only has one qualifying employee it must still provide a pension scheme, and employees will be ‘auto-enrolled’ into the scheme.  There are severe penalties for employers which fail to set up a scheme in time, or which encourage their employees to opt out.

Every business needs to know how these regulations will affect them.  Our corporate pensions advisers can help you – contact us today to find out more.